The Hippocratic Oath: Building a Dentist Career

Modern dentistry is a high-tech science that is constantly improving the methods of treatment and prevention of diseases of the oral cavity. Even tooth loss is no longer a problem, because there are prosthetics, extensions and many other procedures aimed at creating the perfect “Hollywood” smile for every person.

Advantages and disadvantages

Working as a dentist is quite profitable:

  • a profession demanded in the labor market;
  • high paying job;
  • free career coach and advice;
  • the opportunity to get a free resume review online;
  • medical education, which is always a benefit in life;
  • normalized working day.

However, like any other profession, there are also negative aspects:

  • stressful situations;
  • great responsibility;
  • high cost of training;
  • monotonous work

Dental Profession Requirements:

The following requirements are imposed on the applicant:

  • you need to have a higher medical education;
  • provide best dentist resume and constantly confirm your level with appropriate courses
  • medical book and valid certificate;
  • experience;
  • computer skills as a plus

Origin of the dentistry profession

The history of the origin of the profession is rooted in the past. The first mention of dental diseases appeared in the writings of Hippocrates. Moreover, he offered to eliminate them using hot iron. In those days, many people suffered from toothache, and mortality from simple flux was quite high. Then, knowledge about teeth and their care begin to develop rapidly. In 500 AD, the first toothbrushes appeared in the East. Nippers for removing diseased teeth appeared in the 4th century AD. Ancient civilizations suffered quite a lot from toothaches, so potent drugs appeared to quench them: arsenic, opium, etc. Already at that time, people realized that it was possible not only to remove a diseased tooth, but also to treat it, eliminating only the damaged area. So in 659 the first fillings appeared. In Europe dentistry has developed rapidly.

a dentist profession

Dentist Responsibility

The dentist is responsible for:

  • diagnosis of treatment;
  • patient treatment plan;
  • timeliness of therapy;
  • the process of therapy itself;
  • providing clients with medicines;
  • the appointment and implementation of disease prevention;
  • violation of labor discipline;
  • incorrect treatment of patients.

The doctor is also responsible for the medical equipment, its suitability and efficiency of use.

How much does a dentist earn?

The profession of a dentist is quite in demand and highly paid. Dentists have a fairly wide choice of place of work: public and private clinics, dental offices, including motels and child care facilities.

The following factors affect the level of salary:

  • doctor’s experience;
  • qualifications;
  • region.

The place of work is of great importance also: the state or private clinic. According to The average dentist salary varies between $ 79k – $ 212k dollars. Again, metropolitan specialists earn a grade more than dentists from the province. So, in big cities, dentist bonuses can be $ 989 – $ 58k dollars per month.

How to become a dentist?

A career can be built in two directions:

The practical way. A dentist intern develops into a full-time doctor. Then, gaining experience and demonstrating one’s development, a person can grow to the head of the department and deputy head physician. The peak of a career is the position of a chief physician.

The theoretical way. This is a scientific activity. For this, upon graduation, documents should be submitted to graduate school. Then, the candidate and doctoral dissertations should be defended. This will help you open a private school, which will be the peak of your career.

To become a dentist, one must graduate from a higher medical institution in the chosen dental specialty.

The main thing to understand for yourself is whether you are ready for this profession. After all, to become a good specialist in this field requires enormous work, patience, accuracy and the ability to find an approach to even the most difficult patient. It is important not to get confused, to be able to promptly provide high-quality medical care and correctly choose further treatment.

Getting a dentist education is also not an easy task. Special care, diligence, perseverance and genuine interest in this profession are needed. The learning process itself lasts long enough and includes internship and residency. Therefore, you need to consciously approach the choice of this specialty.

The dentistry profession in our time is highly sought and prestigious. Earnings are quite high, so the very possibility of receiving such money is already a good prospect. In the future, you can develop and get the position of head physician, become the owner of your own clinic or a private school of dentistry.

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